PAK Rlys is shambles-Be proud of I.Rlys

PAK Rlys is shambles-Be proud of I.Rlys

Postby AKKABAVA » Sun May 06, 2012 5:14 pm

[color=#FF40FF]PAK Rlys is shambles-Be proud of I.Rlys[/color]

PAK Rly wanted the Govt to allot at least Rs 5 billion but nothing
happened and will have to close down many routes.

No funds to repair locomotives

Govt allotted just Rs 2.1 billion against Rs 25.1 billion asked for.

In PAK, Only 227 locos are in running condition out of 500 locos.

They are running only 4 freight trains due to shortage and
losing business to road transport.

PAK , Suspended several passenger trains on seven routes as
Rs 11.5 billion was approved by the Federal Govt but the government
had not released the amount.

Rs 13.6 billion was allocated for the PAK Rlys but reduced to Rs 7.3 billion
and even this reduced amount was not given.

PAK buys locos from G,E, Hitachi and other builders but all with different
axle loads but compatible with the railway tracks.

Main line tracks can handle a load of 22 tons per axle,
while branch line only 16.5 tons per axle.

Pak Rlys: Out of 520 diesel electric locos, only 74 were operational.

Needs at least 152 locos to operate all 220-passenger trains.

In 1947, all steam locos in Pakistan has no coal mines and
so converted coal to oil fired locos.

Pakistan has no production Units like ICF,RCF.CLW,DLW,DMW,

Pakistan has
7791 RKM and 11,755 TKM
I Rlys: 64,460 Rkm and 113,994 Tkm

[color=#FF40FF]Pakistan has 528 locos
I Rlys: 43 steam, 5137 diesel,4033 electric locos.

Pak Rlys has- Coaching and other vehicles:1540 + 234
I Rlys: has -7334 EMUs,45,123 passenger,763 DMU/DHMU,others:6493.

Pak Rlys: Freight wagons:18,468
I Rlys: 229,381 wagons

Pak Rlys: Rly stations: 558.
I Rlys: 7,133
Only one day of fuel is left in store.

CRB and Rly Ministers are outsiders.
None had prior experience in Rlys.

Numerous accidents as China supplied 23 tons per axle,
the limitation was 22 tons per axle

Again 19.3 tons while the limitation was 17.5 tons per axle.
Lot of accidents and loss of precious lives.

The lab and R&D for testing has obsolete equipment.

Lahore High Court has stayed import of 150 American locos,
as PR has no money for 20% down payment as advances
before loan is approved.

Lahore High Court has also blocked negotiations to lease
50 locomotives from India.
(Inputs from Prakash Tendular, Rly Enthusiast from USA)

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Postby NicoleAnderson » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:00 pm

PAK railway business is a at hilarious stage.They are suffering a huge loss as there is no maintenance provided to trains and tracks.
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