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Anything with rail in it! Trains, tracks, technology Stock and signals… and everything else. Indian Railway policies and investment trends. Metros and urban transport. Words, direct from senior management. New products and services, from the operators and the industries, and a bit of rail history and nostalgia too.

Robust Railway Response for the Tough Time

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Expert Opinions I R Re-organisation

In a few months, IR should be announcing how it proposes to implement the mammoth change in its management cadre, with a reduction in the number of vertical structures. This was time for us to gather multiple opinions and present them to or readers and, maybe, even to the senior political and administrative teams that

Accelerating the Future of Transportation

The November edition of RAIL BUSINESS marks the introduction of a revised layout, with an emphasis on better focus and visibility. he content is well spread for current concerns on track quality, coach manufacture, new construction and multiple development projects. We have also covered India's best-known rail show, the IREE 2019. Our coverage should be the

Participation in the transformation

The Sep 2019 issue has the most extensive coverage of the Mumbai Ahmedabad High-Speed project by any Indian publication. We bring you first hand reports on what makes the project challenging and of importance to the future Indian rail scene. An exclusive interview with Achal Khare, MD, National HSR Co.rightly leads the reporting. Also included

Titan on the tracks

The IR locos are getting bigger, better and smarter, with recent introduction of the 9000 hp electric from IR/CLW and the 6000 hp diesel from GE Transportation.Industry reports include those on new wagon manufacture, UIC initiative for future rail communications, noise mitigation, and more. Selected excerpts from the World Bank report on HSRs in China

IR 2019 high hope

The IR budget now lies buried inside the much heftier general budget. But we still need to examine and report on what is prime in IR plans and how the numbers are working out: hence the ‘hopes and hoopla’ banner. We have input comments from 12 rail inkedexperts, ranging from an ex IR Chairman to

Iconic rail project

Now that Indian Metro projects had a successful run, the three major construction projects that define the rail scene in India are the high-speed link to Mumbai, the dedicated freight corridors and the Katra-Banihal (Kashmir) raillink. This issue we focus on these iconic projects,withnever before peek into how the rail alignment to Kashmir was arrived

Focused on east central railway

This issue focus is on the Hajipur  based East Central Railway , as we cover the impressive present and the historical past of the IR zone. The past is best reviewed by Christian Wolmar , in his books that cover most networks . We have included extracts form Wolmar’s writing on Indian railway development ,

Close knit India

CII and IR’s ICF concluded a successful first Indian  exhibition, IRCE,   on rail coaches . The vent brought forth the potential that Indian industry has , showcasing the Train 18 project that will set up new marks for passenger services in India. This issue also reviews the various actions IR plans to increase passenger train

Railway Equipment Division

The issue presents interviews with V Chaube ,member , IR Board , Cos of three important rail sector companies in India , IR construction PSU RVNL , major wagon and signalling company TEXMACO and Austrian signalling developer Frauscher as they collectively they provide a snapshot of rail developments . We also present what may well

Digital Evolution in Railway

It is IR budget time and an occasion for us o get you as many as 12 senior managers to present their opinions an prescriptions. IR initiative in contracting two major loco builders  , GE and Alstom , to set up greenfield loco manufacturing units in Bihar is as exciting as it is challenging. We

Art & Science of railway

It is not often that we get a well-known an successful industrialist get to speak to us on leadership . We preset an exclusive , originating from Navin Jindal ,Chairman , Jindal Steel and Power. Railways is still some element of art and passion , even as science always gets  prime attention . Here we

The electrification debate

Delhi Metro is special; first and foremost as it set a standard of Indian cities , and helped bridge the gaps in project planning and execution . We present an exclusive interview  with Mangu Singh , MD who has inherited the legacy of India’s’ Metro man’ Sreedharan . Plus many interesting aspects of Metro goth

Just one goal excellence

The Indian Railway Equipment Exhibition , IREE, is India’s best known rail event and could well be the best in Asia too . We present multiple content related to what is on offer, in pursuit of excellence. With a new Chairman leading IR, we present an interesting review of A Lohani’s opinion book. Plus an

The many hues of railways

IR is now embarking on a plan for enhancing its technology , with possible restructuring of the R&D functions. The core idea stems from Dr VK Saraswat , a Member of the influential government think tank , the Niti Aayog . We lead this issue with an exclusive chat with Dr Sarswat , that provides

Bridge to the future

A sea or a river in flood? : Brahmaputra can provide a puzzle and bridging this river in East India has always been one of engineering dare and genius .That is what the cover picture portrays as it leads an exclusive report on the Bogibeel road cum rail bridge . We also present an impressive

Broad Spectrum Rail

Our cover picture is a mural drawn specially for the integral Coach Factory, Chennai, that combines industrial cooperation and Make in India themes to paint a contemporary picture of railways in India .. Contents include an overview of  a special strategy session involving senior Indian Railway  managers , the outcome of which is expected to

IR budgeting and reforms

The long-winded IR budget presentation in the parliament is now history as the rail budget is absorbed into the federal general budget after near 70 years. Will this be a game changer for IR, or just an accounting change with littleimpact in practice? An expert panel addresses the issues, in the only such coverage anywhere.

Wagons all you need to know

This is an edition that leads with multiple reports on IR wagons, covering the whole range from new designs, maintenance issues, private ownership schemes and more. Rail industry segments include reports on a new wagon bogie manufacturing factory and Vossloh Cogifer. A first report on Dhaka Metro from an expert directly involved in the project.

The new landscape

This one is our first: an exclusive interview with SureshPrabhu, Minister for Railways as he lists his priorities for actions needed for railways, like top down restructuring and eight-digit investments in railways. Also inputs from Member Traffic in IR Board, and,interestingly,stories retold by Sir Mark Tully. We also get apreview of the under-the-Ganges rail metro

IR Budget 2016

An issue that leads with inputs form Railway Board Chairman and three Members on how IR will change in coming years. An insider review by an ex-Chairman, IR Board. Two interesting inputs from rail operations experts on ‘smalls’ (parcels) traffic on IR. We include a set focused on developments on the West Central Railway, based

Pacing progress

Here we cover a wide range of technology issues for main line railways: electronic interlocking, new 25 t wagons for IR, CBTC for Mumbai, track machines etc. Also, a special report on how Southern Railway overcame the effects of a disastrous flood in Chennai. The newest Indian Metro in Lucknow gets attention with inputs from